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Once You Go Yak ...

... You want to keep coming Back !!!

Yes, I have joined the Yak Crowd! My dad called me when he ran accross this deal. Heratage Feather Lite 36# (9'6" X 30" wide); they were $50 off Plus a free paddle; he was getting one, so I said get two.

This was two weeks ago & I finally tested at a local pond this afternoon, then I finally got out last night on the N. Shore.

Got my first Sleigh Ride from a 35" line-sider on an epoxy minnow. Spent the next 45 minutes in the middle of a Bass/Blue Blitz, complete with 100's of birds & spraying bait. Landed a few more schoolie bass 24-27" & lost several flies to blues (of course I neglected to bring wire on the Yak! D'OH). Padled away from breaking fish as the sun set (no Light either).

I'm looking forward to more Yak fishing. I now need to Re-organize my gear to be traveling Light, but still have everything I need. (Like wire & a signal light, pump, whistle, etc.).

Anyone have a good diddy bag list for Saftey & fishing stuff???
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