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A jumping shrimp fly!

A jumping shrimp fly and dock lights. Talk about Snook heaven!!
If you ever come across a jumping shrimp imitation, please let me know!

A good night Snook fly that I've been having great luck with around here is an Umpqua Hot Flash Minnow. Its full of flash and really comes alive in the water. Its even caught Bonito this summer.

Don't forget to try the beaches for Snook early or late in the day. An intermediate line and a good bait fish imitation (like a Deceiver in all white, chartruse/white or olive/white) cast paralell to the beach should produce. Try some of the Polar Fiber bait fish imitations and don't froget to bring a few Clousers with you too. Try dragging the Clousers slowly on the bottom in medium to long strips. It seems to imitate a small Croaker here on the East Coast and works better then expected.

Good luck,
Tom H.

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