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Final, Final Report, I promise he-he

Final S.E. Cape Cod Wade Report

John was a trout fly fisherman, like I used to be. He cast the fly rod like a trout fisherman. First thing I had to do was try to break him of the habit of wristing the entire cast. If you lock the wrist, pivot at the elbow and use the muscles in your forearm you will double the distance of your cast's, I told him. After a hour of my "polite" reminders I threatened him with physical violence if he continued to use his wrist. It worked and he doubled his casting distance! Soooo now he was able to throw it 30 feet! (he-he)

The next goal was to stop the rod at the 1'O'Clock position on the back cast. The line will always go in the direction you accelerate and stop the rod tip. I think John uses a digital watch or maybe he is still on sun dial time. Hey John, didn't they teach you how to tell time in 5th grade? Or were you asleep during that grade. Shortly there after he had it down.

Then we worked on timing - waiting for the fly line to totally extend behind him, before starting his forward cast. One of the fundamentals of fly casting is to always give the rod something to pull against. If your fly line has not fully extended behind you, then half of the forward casting stroke is used to simply remove the loop or slack. There by only loading the rod half way. If you wait until the line is fully extended behind you, then when you move the rod forward you will load (bend) the rod fully through the entire arc. Once the correct timing was accomplished John was amazed at the outcome. Now, instead of throwing it 30 feet, he could throw it 32 feet! Hurray!!

The final step in the learning curve was to convince John that he was not casting a dry fly to a rising trout and put some power into it. "Get it out there- 50 feet - fast- moving right -school of 8 big bass! (of course I said it "politely") He did and now it went 80 feet. (he-he) Why me lord?

During this whole time I was calling out big fish to him on the flats. It was exciting to say the least, as this was John's first time on the flats and I think saltwater for that matter. (Probably will be his last, especially with me after he reads this post. Just kidding John)

Actually, John turned out to be a very good caster, especially when he could make one with out wrapping the fly, leader around his head, body, rod or me. (he-he) Picked up a couple Stripers with the "below" measuring 30 inch's. This fish went 75 feet into the backing in a blink of an eye, before we were able to chase him down and gain some line on'm.

Congrats John, and thanks for letting me have some fun, making up all the above (he-he) for my final farewell report from the flats!!

(See below photo)

(I dont believe it! Just downloaded the pictures from today. It turns out I forgot to take the lens cap off in all the excitement. I am sooooo stupid some times! Daaaa.)

I'd like to "Thank you all" for visiting this summer and hope you will continue to stop by for a spell.
Best Fish's,
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