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Awesome morning. Took my 8 yr. old son out this am. Got to the ramp and found someone had moved first light up a half hour. So we launched and just hung out and chatted waiting for some light. Then, first light- and we shoved off poking our way in the half light. We motored out to the river mouth. As we past through the mouth out into the open bay it was FAC conditions, perfect temps and bang-breaking fish. My son was casting Sluggos (don't start, need to keep it fun) and instantly hooks up and lands a fat 26" striper. I'm chucking anything in my flybox and hooking up instantly too. We basically chased pods around the bay for 2 hours without having to go more than a mile in any direction. We had already racked up a succesful day and it was getting close to that time. Just enough time to get back to the ramp, pull the boat, and get to work a tad late. But soon some schools started to get more active. Some blues came in and we boated a few of them after ferocious fights. Then things got hotter. We found a school of fish had a school of juvis trapped in the rocks at the end of a long beach. I cut the motor and we drifted in. The whole place explodes into an acre of slapping tails and spraying juvis!
The current kept pushing us into the rocks. I cut the motor and floated into 2-3' of crystal water. I look down and there must have been 1 to 2 hundred stripers right there chasing little juvis under and around my boat ! Right there in 2 to 3' of water unspooked. It was like an aquarium. I had to repeatedly start the motor and back out of the rocks, but wait- not evan that spooked the blitz. Finally after a while we back a hundred yards out. I get out the phone and call my wife 1st and then the office to say I won't be in till after lunch. I change flies, fix my sons rig by tearing off the sluggo and throwing a fly teaser on a 1 foot piece of fluro behind his jig head. We take a swig of water and head back in for another 45 mins of seeing tens and tens of stripers swim by. This went on for about an hour or more. When it died other pods were still chomping out in front of the beach. We went over for a few more but they were blues. The rocks lit up again and we went back for more juvi spraying action. My son turns to me and says with a big $%it eating grin "Dad...I just don't want to leave this place".
This all happened just above low tide with high sun and mid morning to 10:30 We were alone too. Only one other boat around and he was on other pods. What an experience.
Days like this wash away all the skunkings. Guys, this happened this morning-Enjoy the fall!


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