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I have fished lots of places with alot moving water (rivers with 6 ft of tide and a dam pouring water out).When you say nasty what do you mean ?Standing waves ?Rips ?

I do most of my fishing(95 % ) out of the yak.I have over 300 hrs this year already.Half of that in the dark.So by no means am I a newbie.I do play it very safe though and know my limits.I think Adrian and a few others who visit this site can confirm that.

I would most definatley check it out it the daytime first but would really like to be there after dark.I fish a Tarpon so getting back on in waist deep water is not hard at all.More info of conditions would be greatly appreciated.

I would really like to hook up with some of you guys and do some
yak fishing.

Thanks JoeV
Always Wishin I Was Yak Fishin
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