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A trip to the flyshop...

I am planning a small fishing trip after work with one of the moderators of this board. He gave me advise, after a scouting trip to the river, on some of the flies I should have in my box.

I took a lovely sunday drive to a flyshop with my girlfriend. We had to walk throught the floor in the store with guns and mounted animals on the wall to get to the Orvis department. I could tell she was uncomfortable. Once in the shop I started searching through the nymphs and terrestrials while she started to look at the tying material.

The salesman asked if I needed help. "Well," I responded,"Iam sure that I do but I have no idea what questions to ask." The salesman moved away from me quickly with a chuckle knowing he just avoided getting stuck in swamp mud.

She suggested a few flies that I should buy because they were "cute". I never heard this word used before by flyfishermen. I thought that if it was cute to her it would be cute to the trout. I proceeded to pick out the less cute nymphs.

She returned to the materials. To her horror she saw a rabbit mask complete with eye holes and ears. "My god! What can you catch with this?" I knew she was not a PETA member. But I could sense that she was apalled. I could not bring myself to say beagle bass.

I knew that it takes a special woman to embrace this pasttime. The one's who found know who you are.
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