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Sharks on the flats

I have been to Cape Cod and fished the Monomoy flats. I have been fishing a spot here in NC that looks just like it. Clear water near an inlet. Water flushing by all the time. Big schools of gamefish. Not stripers however, redfish. Upwards of 30 inches. All of them! My only problem is the sharks. I know you guys love to wade the Monomoy flats. I would not recommend it here. The schools of redfish all seem to have one or two sharks keeping them company. Reminds me of border collies sometimes, the way they run around the flocks of sheep to jump out at stragglers. Needless to say we don't do much wading in this situation. I like my legs just the size and shape they are. I also had to watch yesterday while a redfish that was pretty close to the size of one I had just released, got attacked by a shark. The red jumped clear of the water numerous times before the shark got ahold. Then the water was full of blood as the head portion of the red floated there. The shark came back and finished the job shortly thereafter. It was spectacular and would have been even more so if I didn't feel like I had contributed to the demise of that redfish. I have been thinking about possibly keeping caught fish in a livewell (I have a pretty big one) and releasing them in the shallows away from the rest of the school (and henceforth the sharks) but I don't think think our local fish cops would get it, especially since there has been some poaching. All of the fish from these schools are over the slot limit.
Any suggestions? Any similar experience?
Capt Gordon
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