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I caught the Flip & Lefty show - great stuff!

I'm not sure if they count, but I've caught several what I believe to be White Suckers on the Housy on dry flies whilst fishing the evening rise. One went nearly 12 inches and careered all over the surface until I finally got it under control. It faught as hard as any trout of the same size.

Earlier in the day I had my closest encounter yet for sight fished carp. Having spent four separate sessions watching them now, they are definitely a circulating group which continualy split up and occaisionally come back together. There are probably a couple of dozen all together. All are double figures and some are very large indeed. The challenge is that the river is very wide and deep at this point and there are only a few spots along the 400 yard stretch where you can get a reasonable sight cast. I figure that if I wait long enough, one will decide to eat something and I'll be ready! Just got to be patient I guess.
When sight fishing, look over your shoulder from time to time, you never know who's behind you
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