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Doc Depending on what type of fishing you are doing there are many choices.
I had a Pungo to start with now I have 2 Tarpons.One for me the other for the wife and yakless friends.

The SOT models are much easier to get in and out.Great for wading flats and such.

Right now I think that the Tarpon is one of the best yaks out there.When someone shows me a better one I will buy it.

Cobra Kayak has a bunch of light weight SOTs also.They are very popular down in NY/NJ.

Everybody says SOTs are cold but you should be dressed to get wet anyway in case you go in.Do your homework and check out a bunch of yaks and talk to the guys who use them.

I have over 300 hrs of yak fishing time this year.Fish with alot of hardcore yakkers .Most of them think the Tarpon is right there with the best of them.

Downside is the weight 65 pds.But you do get more speed and storage than the smaller yaks.

WS is coming out with a 12 foot Tarpon this year.They also have the Ride wich one of my buddies was really impressed with.He was standing on it on some flats down in Florida while fishing with Ken Daubert.

Any thats my $ .02 Check otu try them out and talk to the guys who use them.

Always Wishin I Was Yak Fishin
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