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3 wt sight fishing

Water temps have lowered a bit in these parts so I took the evening to fish a new part of a local river. Water levels are still on the low side, so the pools had hardly any current to speak of which translated into tough fishing. After ninety minutes I finally caught my first brown of the evening on a size 20 cream caddis pupae. The takes were very subtle, so I relied on seeing the fish take the fly. There was no surface activity, even at dark as I left.

After a few more hours I had tallied two browns and two bonus smallmouths that absolutely freaked out the trout in the pools once they vaulted into the air upon feeling the hook. The fishing was tough, but each fish taken was a true accomplishment and a refreshing break from the largemouths that I've been slugging it out with lately. Small flies and tiny tippets.....:eyecrazy:

Variety is the spice of life, n'est-ce pas?
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