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A lot depends on where in each river you end up fishing. For instance, on Zone 1 of the York I was fine with my 14' 9-10 weight. However, when fishing Zone 4 not very far upstream I felt like I had more rod than I needed for the width of the water. The truth is that many pools on each river can probably be very effectively fished with a single-handed rod, but 12 or 13 footers would also do fine. I only saw the St. Jean near the mouth and didn't fish it because we were too early for that river (we fished the first few days of June) but it would seem to be the same deal there. If I do it again next year, I'll have both my 14' and 12' rod ready. I'd say the water I fished varied from between 50'-120' wide with a few spots, like Still Pool on the York in Zone 4 (pool #19) even narrower yet. I think anything between 12-14' rod will do you well. As I proofread this it seems I have a lot of verbiage without saying a whole lot. Let me know if you need more clarification.
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