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The fly shown above is one of the older ones. I don't make the tail quite as long when I tie them now. The body is brown wool yarn. The hackles that I use are sort of "two-tone", with the brown color on the shiny side and a tan/beige color on the other side. I wrap them with the brown side facing the eye of the hook. The tail, body and hackle (shiny side) are almost the same shade of brown with just a hint of copper. I'd be happy to send you a couple if you'd like.

One thing I've noticed: The carp stop hitting the fly after I've hooked or spooked a couple in any particular area, even if I return a few days later. I usually need to move to another spot to get more hits. I think the same carp return to the same places to feed every day and they quickly learn to avoid my flies. I can't help but wonder if they even warn the other carp in the area! They keep on eating, but either stay just out of casting range or swim away if I cast near them or they come upon my fly, line or leader. Sometimes they just swim slowly towards me or sit there watching me, even when I do my best Chuck Berry "duck walk" when I approach the water!

Also worth noting is that this fly has only worked in ponds and lakes so far. The carp in the river won't touch it.

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