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Re: ...looks a little like...

Originally posted by Penguin
...A smaller/finer, less obvious hook might be a consideration?!
I wondered about this when I was at SB on Monday. In my quest to find a fly that the fish would eat, rather than just follow, I pulled all the flash out of one of my small tan flies and even clipped the tail/wing so the fly was smaller and stubbier looking, much like the baitfish I saw. When I checked the fly's look and action in the water, I thought it looked good but noticed that the hook stuck out like a sore thumb (which I suppose is better than sticking into a sore thumb :hehe: ) The bright, shiny hook was the first thing I could see when I tried to spot my fly during the retrieve. And it was only a #1 or #2. Maybe a smaller bronze hook is worth a try, even though it won't last long in the salt?

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