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Madame X

I absolutely love this fly. If I could only use one fly on top for smallmouth (excluding poppers and hair bugs), this would be it.

Hook: 6-12 (here, a size 8 3XL)
Thread: To match (here, light orange)
Tail: Deer hair (here, natural)
Body: Yellow closed cell foam
Head/wing: Deer hair (here, yellow), tied in bullet style
Legs: Round rubber

The original recipe calls for yellow thread for the body, but I've found that relying on the deer hair alone can lead to poor flotation after only a few fish. I cut a thin strip of closed cell foam as seen in the picture and wrap it along the hook shank. Don't wrap too tightly, or the cells will collapse and defeat the purpose. With the foam, it floats forever and is even a great indicator fly to drift a nymph underneath.

The silhouette from the fish's perspective is pretty tough to beat.
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