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Originally posted by Mattb
There are a ton of sunnies and bluegill in the pond I'm fishing, and I've found that with an unweighted nymph they will often take the fly before it gets into the carp's strike zone, so I had to go to the weighted flies.
:hehe: How many sunfish have you skipped across the surface because you set the hook on what you thought was a carp? Or maybe that doesn't happen with the 5wt. I've had it happen a few times with sunnies and tiny bass while using the 9wt. Always cracks me up. Of course, it usually spooks the carp so I'd prefer that they leave my fly alone.

Congrats on the success with the BH Prince. I tied up a reasonable facsimile but havent used it much. I didn't have goose biots or gold beads so I substituted duck quill barbs for biots and wrapped some fine brass wire into a ball to make the head. I tried it for a few casts but the carp didn't seem to want it. Then again, they weren't cooperating much that day so maybe it wasn't the fly. Guess I'll have to do some more testing .

I fished a shallow, mucky pond today and hooked 4 carp (landed 2) all on the brown woolly bugger. They seemed pretty sluggish too, although one of them had enough energy to give me a mud bath while I was trying to land it. I was using the 5/6wt and only one of them came close to the backing. All were in the 30" range, perhaps 8 - 10 lbs. I use a heavy leader (20# fluoro) so I can really stick it to 'em. When they do run that little reel makes some scary sounds !

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