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Bead head prince nymph fools another carp.

I caught a ~34" carp on a #12 beadhead prince nymph at lunch today, pretty much convincing me that for the water I'm fishing this is THE fly.

I finally got a chance to tie up some of these the yesterday after getting the materials over the weekend and today was my first day out with them since the day I got my last carp. It took about 20 minutes, but I finally got one to eat and spent the next 10 minutes bringing him to hand.

I think the water in this pond must be getting warm even for carp, as this fish was pretty sluggish and never really fought all that hard. He was big, and I was using a 5 wt, so it still took a while to land him, but I never saw backing, and he never really ran more than 40'.

What's the top end of the water temps carp can tolerate?
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