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Hmm Bermuda Bone fish and Mid Ocean (played a round there in 1999) sounds great.

Cool fishermans' bar on Hamiliton's main street (Front Street), on the harbor, believe it was called "Blue Water" or something like that, looked just like an Ernest Hemingway type fishing bar.

What atmosphere !

I'm in

P.S. The reality is that the cost of living in Bermuda is extremely high. My work colleagues gave me the truth. Houses start at close to a million (thats a starter house, something you me would probably not want to live in) condos were half a million to purchase. All necessities are probably 3 times the cost of the states due to the governmental tariffs imposed on the imported items. Thats how they tax the bermuda people. Need a lot of money to live there. A number of our employees only lasted there a few years and then wanted to come back to the states ue to the living costs and other governmental controls on non bermudians.

Great place to visit though

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