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Originally posted by Adrian
Hey Q,

I went looking for my large friends lower down on the Housatonic this past week-end and they were still there. This time I actually spotted one feeding. Large puffs of mud off the edge of the weed bed - I knew what it was but thought the fish had already left. I made a cast to smallie out in the main current and a 20lb (min) made its leisurly departure from under my rod tip (son of a ......!)
That sounds familiar! Isn't it amazing that such a large fish can be so hard to see? (even when you *know* it's there!)

Just gotta keep trying 'til you find one that will cooperate!

John, I'm definitely going to get that book! Pardon my ignorance, but what's CDC? I presume this fly imitates a cottonwood seed?

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