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Hey Q,

I went looking for my large friends lower down on the Housatonic this past week-end and they were still there. This time I actually spotted one feeding. Large puffs of mud off the edge of the weed bed - I knew what it was but thought the fish had already left. I made a cast to smallie out in the main current and a 20lb (min) made its leisurly departure from under my rod tip (son of a ......!)

A bit later another large one came close enough to make eye contact but decided it wasn't hungry. The big fish are starting to show some occaisional interest in my flies - not follows as much as cursory glances.

These guys seem to fall into the circulating school pattern. They leisurly pass by up stream, then downstream about 15 minutes later. This is repeated, then, occaisionally, one will peel off to check out the edge of the weed beds.

They presumably get into a set feeding pattern at some point but I have not yet hit the time.

I was on the water Friday evening and the white fly hatch seems to be tapering off. Saturday I hit the water an hour before sunrise as the smallie action was non-stop - there were some very large fish about
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