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Q - Great Lakes Carp Tips


Ran into this today and thought of you. Some good carp fly fishing tips for you. Traverse Bay is on the northern end of what we call the lower pennisula of Michigan. Actually is a part of northern lake michigan before it connects to Lake Huron in the Mackinac Strait. Very pretty country up there.

Most fisherman up there are concentrated on trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, musky, and walleye. This carp fishery is untouched in Lake Michigan and the other great lakes.

Has some good tips and flies you may be able to apply back east.

I hooked and landed a twenty pound carp in Lake michigan 18 years ago while fishing for summer run steelhead while fishing from the beach and my arm ached for a couple of days. Very strong fish.

Unfortunately here on the southern side of Lake michigan there are few shallow water locations to pursue these big boys in lake michigan.

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