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Neah Bay coho

Two weeks ago a buddy and I spent 3 days fishing out of Neah Bay, primarily targeting kings with the "cut-plug" pattern. The weather was good on day one, but our plans were foiled in part by burning through so much bait on the coho. We did hook a few kings only to lose them at the boat. The coho were paving the ocean outside and south of Tatoosh. That first morning the water was glassy and when we found birds we found krill on the surface. In the krill were coho, slurping those little bugs with their noses and backs out of the water. We just had to stop and strip a few flies in the midst of those topwater fish, and sure enough they were into a deep sunk clouser. After we went through our bait we turned all our attention to the silvers, and we found plenty in the rips outside the Strait. We had no trouble hooking fish even in the mid-day sun. The next day the weather was lousy. From the looks of things the day after the blow it seemed that the big concentrations of krill were broken up. But the coho were still in the rips. And they were still biting like mad. We tried bucktailing for about 20 minutes and hooked half a dozen fish. Casting to them was equally effective. We caught hatchery fish to 8lbs, and released one unclipped fish that went about 14. It seemed like the hatchery to wild ratio was about 4 to 6, so it wasn't hard to find keepers.
On the lousy weather day we tried fishing inside the Strait, but only managed one kelp bass on a sunk fly. For some reason (probably the massive concentrations of krill and herring on the outside) we didn't see much sign of coho in front of Neah Bay. Perhaps good numbers of those fish have finally decided to move into the Strait? I hope so, I plan on fishing Sekiu soon.

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