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Cool Topwater Carpin'

Lips. Everywhere! I checked out a carp spot on the Housatonic section of the Housatonic River and found a bunch of little carp feeding on top. They were moving slowly along through the weeds and algae, occasionally poking just the top halves of their lips above the surface as they slurped up whatever they were eating. It reminded me of the old Pac-Man video game! There was a lot of duckweed floating among the weeds and it sort of looked like that's what they were after, so I tied on a small, bright green, foam bug with chartreuse rubber legs and I flipped it out near the weeds. I slowly dragged it into position just ahead of some "lips" and then let it float there for a moment. The lips moved away from the fly and then disappeared below the surface, but then another carp poked its lips up and ate the fly! It wasn't as though it got the fly while it was trying for something else, it was definitely after the fly! It stayed on the hook just long enough to spook the rest of the fish and then came unhooked. Although some of the carp did return and resume feeding, I never did get another one to hit the fly. Still, I consider it a minor victory to have actually hooked one on a floating fly since it adds another dimension to the game. I also tried a berry fly and a woolly bugger but had no success with them.

At another spot nearby, where the water is quite a bit deeper, there were dozens (maybe hundreds?) of BIG carp right on the surface. I watched them for a few moments and some of them did appear to be eating, although most of them just seemed to be sunning themselves. Unfortunately, the steep bank, excessive brush and poison ivy prevented me from trying for them. I need to find a place to launch my boat in that stretch of the river!

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