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At this past Marlboro Fly Fishing show, I renewed my subscription to Fly Fishing New England for three years. The last issue I received was last winter's. Since renewing, I have not received a single issue, as I'm sure many of you have not. What I did receive are a bunch of empty promises from the publisher, John Katsigianis.

He responded to my first couple of emails saying that they were trying to adjust their publishing schedule and that the next issue would be going out in a few weeks. This was last May and he continues to say the same thing!

Since then, I have emailed him a few more times and he has not responded to any further emails. I told him that if I did not receive an issue within the timeframe he mentioned, I wanted a refund to my credit card. No response!

I then sent a letter to the magazine on July 26th asking for reimbursement by August 15th. Again, it did not happen.

I now want to make certain that all of the flyfishing community is aware of the poor business practices of Fly Fishing New England magazine and suggest that all think twice before ever subscribing to this publication in the future.

It was my favorite magazine. I loved the quality and design, as well as the fact that it concentrated on my home region. But, I will not tolerate being ignored and will do everything in my power to make their shoddy practices, non-existant customer service and empty promises known to all.

Buyer beware!

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