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RE:Proof that Atlantic Salmon are spawning in our PNW Steelhead rivers

Hey guys - I'm still alive!

Unfortunately, so are escaped Atlantics! Here in BC we too have the vexing problem of virtually unregulated salmon farming. The real problem is that farmed salmon is now BC's leading agricultural export (at least the leading LEGAL one!) and our Government is falling over backward to accommodate this new cash cow. Like Juro, I don't automatically see aquaculture as bad, it is the total lack of regulation that is dangerous. I think I'd take my chances with salmon farming and NO nets - but alas, that is not going to happen (at least not soon enough). So how do we put pressure on governments to regulate the industry? I do know that some health organizations have real concerns over hormones given to farm fish , as well as the extensive and undeclared use of antibiotics to counter desease in the pens. Do we call in - gulp, shudder - Greenpeace? I don't know. As well, I think the inability of sports fishermen to decide if salmon farming is good or bad is paralyzing any organized voice to call for regulations.

In the mean time I guess I'll just go fishing, who knows maybe I'll catch an Atlantic - I hear they pull okay...

Tight lines - tyler.
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