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I just spent a half hour typing some info, and my provider earthlink broke the connection so I lost my reply.
First we have got to figure which is the best weekend for the most guys. Second are you going to camp or use a motel? We will need a list of who is going to kayak, and who is going to be shore bound. I will have my inflatable, with my 2 hp outboard, have to bring a rubber glove so I won't get a shock, I don't think I will get the time to pull the flywheel before then. If there is guys that are shorebound I will leave the inflatable on the roof. It depends on the weather, as always. The area I propose that you fish at the time frame weekend Sept.21, or 28 sure have plenty of fish around, if like other years when it winds down by the beginning of Oct. Adrian it will be good to meet you, and that kayak carrier sounds like it would help, I wonder how it will track in the sand thu. Can you let the air out of the tires?:hehe: Quentin are you going to use a flyrod this year? or are you going to use the spinning gear and out fish me. Either way it is OK by me just have fun, and I am sure you will. Jim, set it up so we can find out what weekend is the best for the most. Need to know who is shore bound, and who is kayaking. Whether camping, or staying in a motel. Also we should find out who has a cell phone. It is helpful as you found out at the tail end last year. An after thought, Bonita are off Misquamicut now.:hehe: ArtB Stay tuned Dave P Good to hear you are still alive and well.
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