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RE:Proof that Atlantic Salmon are spawning in our PNW Steelhead rivers

This infuriates me. I once thought that using pacific species instead was a better option but that was before I spoke with atlantic salmon anglers and found out how equally unfuriated they were about the pen-raised biologically engineered clones showing up in their streams. I now know that the 30 year Norwegian brood has evolved to a domestic state that allows them to be raised as mules would (verses wild horses).

I am not entirely against aquaculture, even if a typical farm does produce as much effluent as a population of 40,000 people, even if the use of chemically induced color, flavor and resistance to disease is rampant, even if the pens are a form of cruelty to a fish that would otherwise travel thousands of open ocean miles.

I am however adamantly against the current practices which result in hundreds of thousands of escapees a year; and the lack of regulations and penalties to keep these businesses in check.

What strategies and actions can we actually take on this issue?

Any thoughts?
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