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Interesting observation Beau,and totally correct.Most people are under the assumption that the fish caught at the mouth of the Skeena,Fraser,or wherever,are native to that system.That is not 100% true.I have a freind who works in the fisheries doing all their radio tagging of salmon and steelhead on the Skeena and Nass systems.He has also worked on the southern systems(Fraser,Dean,Island rivers,etc) as well.Thrue there years of tagging and research they have found that the fish that they tag in these areas,like the Skeena for example,are actually a large mixture of fish heading to many different river systems.They have netted fish in the Skeena mouth that ended up travelling up to Alaska and as far south as Oregon.This means that the commercial fishing being done at the Skeena River mouth is not only impacting our fisheries,but it is also taking fish bound for our southern rivers and US waters as well.Excess harvesting on the Skeena could in turn impact the returns on several Washington and Oregon rivers.DFO allows a certain number of fish up the rivers and then opens the fishery up to commercial fishing once their escapement number is reached.The problem is that while the needed Skeena run may be through and strong,they have no way of knowing how many fish from other rivers are being taken.When we left for our trip up to Terrace there was a report on the radio that the sockeye run was one of the best in recent years.We thought this would mean a great fishing trip for us.Instead it meant more commercial harvest than expected and a lousy fishing trip for us.
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