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skeena reply

i too sent an email off to the ministers. however i never recieved a reply. guess i was too hard on them.used a low blow! told them they were now following the many yrs of bad examples set by washington state.i fished recently with BOB Clay [wellknown kispiox-skeena drainage guide]. he was under the impression netting was to be minimal this yr due to low sockeye return. reason it was heavy last yr was a very large return of sockeye.he had been in the bush guiding for 3 weeks at the time. quess maybe the run turned out better.too bad , since all the govt cares about .puts us steelheaders in a position of hoping for poor salmon runs.otherwise our pasion turns up as unfortunate but necessary by-catch in the managers minds. i, like Dana, get a little hot and pasionate on this subject.
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