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sorry, mis-interpreted

I didn't know you were a begginer or whatever. I am somewhat new to this too. I practice the casts alot when not on the water usually, and that is why I stressed this. The ladder system I do is unique. I have never seen anyone doing it, and I made it up last winter. I put some ideas together and firgued out how I could get down, yet not snag up or drag bottom and get my patterns to drift naturally. With this ladder rig, you will want a thin diamter running line since it cuts through the water the cleanest. Make sure to get a floating running line, an intermediate line tends to sag and can create a bow. You can also use a floating flyline with a loop, which I prefer to use when I need alot of punch.

Now, you must add the ladder system. I prefer buying the 3ft. and 6ft. sink tips in different sinking rates. You can do it with shooting heads cut into sections, but with pre-made heads, you can buy them as you need them and you will know the sink rate in IPS. I will buy a 6ft. section with a sink rate of 1.5 IPS(often an intermediate line) then a 6ft one with an sink rate of 2-3 IPS, then a 3ft one with a sink rate of 3-5 IPS. The first tip is looped to your flyline(1.5 IPS). You then get a 2' section of 20lb mono or braid and make two loops. Each is looped to another tip. From that loop you have the second head(2-3 IPS) with a section of mono follwoing in the same length. You then will loop your last head on (3-5 IPS). Lastly, tie on your leader, usually 4-6ft from there patterns. I usually run two nymphs or an egg and a nymph combination. Remember to expirement. Oh yeah, to prevent hinging, try to use loops that are smaller or treat them with epoxy or laquer to keep them smooth.

I will use this on my 7/8 wt rod, so this is how I set it up. I use a 7wt. head with the 1.5 IPS. Then a 7wt head with an 2-3 IPS. The lastly I use an 8wt head with a 3-5 IPS. The reason is your shortest head(3' with an 3-5 IPS) will be like the bullet taper that gets you down quickest.

Well hope this helps. I am the only one that I know who does this ladder, and maybe one day it will become popular in the Great Lakes region. Let me know how it works. I will be out on my local rivers(Clinton, Huron, Piegon, and Mill Creek) trying this out. I wonder if anyone will see what I am doing and try to take my idea??? I hope not!:hehe:
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