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Don't get ne wrong, I am out there to get fish, and not just cast. Many times though, executing different casts allows me to present my flies in a different manor......I hope you know that sleppy weasel.... The St. Croix 7/8 seems like a perfect choice for our rivers here in Michigan. In PA and even in NY, many times you don't need a rod that large. The streams can be small, and many guys fish flies down to #18. Its a sub category of Great Lakes steelheading I feel. In Michigan when you have rivers such as the Muskegon, Manistee, and St. Joe longer casts needed to be executed. These rivers are very large, and need to often be disected into "smaller rivers." You must battle the fish and the current, and sometimes a 7/8 spey may not be enough. Anyways, indicator fishing is fun and effective that is why I do it. I also use sink tips. I have found that using my own rig is best. I call it the ladder system. You use three different sink tips with each having a different sink rate. The first section(one closest to leader and not flyline) has a sink rate of 3 IPS, then the next 2 IPS, then finally one with 1.5 IPS. Each has a section of heavy mono or running line in between. It performs better than a sink tip b/c each section I use a thin diamter running line behind it, and each section sinks faster than the first, creating no bow in your line. This resembles a Density Compensated line, but it allows you to switch heads if needed as conditions dictate. You follow with a leader of about 4-6ft. If I am fishing nymphs, I will use heavier heads to get down and drift bottom. If I am fishing speys, I will use lighter heads to erraticate the action.

I will address this presenetation at my spey school in late November or December. :hehe:

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