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Your alls fish must be bigger. I wouldn't think twice about sticking the St. Croix 7/8 to a steelie or a king. Maybe you would want more on a large king in the surf but It would still be fun. I have used the rod and found it to be too much for the steelies I am fishing for (mostly the erie tribs in PA and NY). I had to use shock gum sections in my leader to keep from breaking them off with the lighter leaders while indicator fishing.

I agree on the casts and the methods. I am out there to fish not to cast. Just get that stuff out there and then mend till its right. Ususaly a single spey or a sloppy roll cast or if a double spey if current and wind make it nessecary.

I want to get away from indicator fishing but it's just to effective. I started using sink tips last year and was sucsessful at times. What are you using as tips. I have the airflo 5ft and 10ft ones. Sometimes they are not heavy enough to get down in the faster runs and pockets. I am going to get some lc-13 and cut it up into different lenghts and experiment. I believe for the fast sections of the smaller rivers a short section of the lc-13 will do.

As far a flies I use on the swing I have had success on an egg sucking leech, marabou speys, and small wet flys tied with marabou.
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