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I execute only those casts necessary to touch steelhead. To date I have not found it necessary to use all of the different types of casts I have seen mentioned on the spey board.

My motto is to keep it simple and get it down to their level as soon as possible and for the longest time period possible using fast sink tip lines without weighted flies, split shot, or slinkies, etc...

I am not out to impress other anglers with fancy casts, on our small to medium size great likes rivers which are the majority, I don't see the need for long fly casts except on 3 rivers which I do not fish that often.

I bet you know which ones they are ?

Seriously, I am new to spey casting, one year, but have been fly fishing for 42 years.

I will be trying to go to a spey clave to learn more soon.

Actually, right now I am more worried about my golf game.



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