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Southern Cal Wild Steelhead


Was in this area while in business a couple of years ago hard to believe this creek still has wild steelhead surviving in it being half an hour from LA or so.

Thinking about this further I was in LA this february at Universal City which is probably 30-45 minutes from Malibu on business. The volume of people in this area is really unbelievable, when you see traffic jams on freeways at 1 AM. Unleashing LA anglers on these wild steelhead would surely place a tremendous strain on the fishery. I think the fishing for them has been stopped for the last 5 years below the dam, but even if they remove the dam and save the run, they must make it a highly controlled fishery no kill fly fishing only etc..

I can just imagine trying to enforce those rules in Southern Cal!

Also how much public land is really left along this creek in Malibu, I doubt if the motion picture industry people have left much for the public.

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