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surf casting

I got the orvis 12'6" 7#. I bought it discount 270.00 when orvis discontinued the series. I never realy did like it for the spey casts or roll casting however it worked. It does overhead very well though and seems to be perfect for the great lakes surf. Even though it is listed as mid flex it's very hard and faster than that. I can throw the 35' airflo multiheads a good ways with it. The 9# ones work well. I was using it to throw large flies to spring stripers so it should be even better for great lakes surf.
I broke the thing doing somthing stupid, sent it back to orvis and they gave me a new Trident TLS version of the same rod.

I think the Thomas and Thomas 12' 8# made for shooting heads would be great for surf fishing also but it is realy up there in price.
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