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Try a fly that used to be called the Karluk Flash Fly and that is now simply known as the Flash Fly. It is tied this way:

Hook: #2,4,6 stainless steel saltwater
Tail: silver flashabou
Body: silver mylar braid (I prefer to use silver Metallique Estaz)
Hackle: red, blue, purple, hot pink, fushia, mixed blue and hot
pink, or mixed blue and purple.
Wing: silver flashabou (a large bunch) tied to be half way down
the tail in length

No bead chain or led eyes, no lead on the shank under the body. Red is my favorite with fushia (you'll have to dye your own) and blue for a change of pace.

Fish it with short or medium strips on the swing and the silvers will hit with a rush. It is not hard to get 10+ fish mornings or evenings with this fly.
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