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Great Lakes Spey School

Great Lakes Spey School

An intro to Great Lakes Salmon/Steelhead fishing with a spey rod, a method becoming popular in our region. Instruction taught by Dan Szubielski and colleagues.

The Great Lakes offers a 365 day anadromous salmon, steelhead, and lake run brown fishery at its finest. With fish ascending our rivers all year, it opens a new Mecca in the way we chose to pursue these fish. Come join a school dedicated to the ones who use or want to learn spey tactics in our Great Lakes waters. Whether you are a novice learning how to use a spey rod or a skilled pro that wants to enhance his/her knowledge of spey rod use. We will teach you all the preferred casting techniques, as well as the presentation styles used with them. We will emphasize tackle and rigging options in depth. The most productive fly patterns and the basic tying demonstrations will be discussed in detail. The importance or hooking, playing, and landing fish will be described. All you need to know about using a spey rod in our fishery will be discussed fully. This is Spey fishing for salmon and steelhead fishing at its best – “Great Lakes style!”


Day 1: We meet at Gander Mountain at 5:00pm to discuss stream entomology and aquatic insects that Great Lakes salmonoids feed on. Flytying demonstrations will follow shortly after. We will also discuss how to dissect a river and the steelhead/salmon holding lies. Lastly, we will go in depth about tackle and presentation styles as well as hooking, playing and landing fish.

Day 2: We meet on the Huron River in SE Michigan or possibly another river(not 100% sure yet)for some hands on instruction. The basic casting techniques utilized in our Great Lakes region will be addressed fully. Presentations will be shown in detail. All the basic “on the water” instruction will be taught. Later, we will break apart into groups and you will get a chance to try to hookup into a steelhead using spey techniques.

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