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Veeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyyy Ssssssslllllloooooowwww. Nice day, a little windy until late in the day, couldn't find many fish.

I started at the West Wall just before sunrise, about 2 hours before high tide. Saw a few small splashes & swirls. Lots of birds picking bait out of the blanket of mung along the beach. Fished the outskirts of the mung and had one swirl. Further out and well away from the wall, there were several terns moving fast over a wide area and picking bait off the surface. I didn't see any splashes underneath. I fished my way out to the first bend and finally caught a shad (on the inside) to lose the skunk. Monstrous fish for a hickory shad. It was as big as the American shad that I catch in the CT River. Only one other fly fisherman and a couple of spin guys out there. One of the bait guys caught a sea robin, but that was it. BTW, people were actually parallel parking (as the sign mandates) instead of angle parking. Maybe it depends on how the first person parks. I was the second car there and I parked parallel because the first guy did.

I stopped briefly at Quonny (no fish) then hit Weekapaug just after the water started flowing out of the breachway. I saw a few stripers in the breachway (including one 30+ incher), holding right next to the rocks. Several drifts with the intermediate line, then the sinking line, and various types of flies didn't interest the fish. The big one finally swam off around the end of the jetty, at which time I pointed it out to the bait guys on the end (Woah! Look at that fish!) :hehe: I saw another one in the same spot, and after several more casts I finally figured out that I was casting at a piece of kelp that was undulating in the current. Hey, it showed more interest in my fly than the real fish did! Later, while scanning the shallows outside the west jetty, I saw a big shadow cruising around just outside the swimmers but it was way out of casting range. I finally caught a small fluke while dredging a Ray's Fly (I think) that I received in the fly swap (maybe from Dfix?)

I also stopped at Watch Hill and fished Napatree Beach for a couple hours before I headed home. No signs of fish, but lots of biting "houseflies". (No, I don't mean huge horseflies :hehe: ) They look just like houseflies but they bite!

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