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reason no reports

PM Flyfisher, The reason why no reports as I see it, is because there is not a lot of bluewater flyfishing on this board. I guess the reason is this board is almost strictly flyfishing, offshore flyfishing requires a certain crazy breed. There is other :eyecrazy: Flyfishing boards that deal with bluewater flyfishing, but when the truth is known most is with winches, and fighting chairs. Most guys on this board are flyfishermen that do not get much opportunity for bluewater flyfishing. It requires a rather large allowance. Gas alone is about $300, at least , it is quite a run offshore. I haven't been yet this year, so no reports from me. My son has gone a couple of times, but most of his charters have been inshore this year, economy is down.I guess they tangled with a big hammerhead shark last week the hammerhead won. Here again this was not flyfishing. I hope to go soon. I had hoped 4 guys could get together and go for a day, but it hasn't worked out. In the past it has been exciting to stand in the stern throwing flys at a couple of circling Mako's, but seeing them and getting them on a fly is very difficult. In my neck of the woods it is about a 50 mile run to good offshore fishing. This month should be about the top in the area. If I get out I will post. The fish are there right now but I am not.:eyecrazy:
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