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all rods are 9 ft., It's always breezy, if not downright windy out west.
3 Wt. fast action, used for waters where trout will not exceed 18 inches.
5 Wt. fast action, used one larger rivers where trout go to 30 inches.
5 wt. medium action, used for chironomid fishing and lakes mostly, I like the softer rod on lakes/still waters, seem to be more sensitive to the the take
6 wt. medium fast action, 5 pc. pack rod for travelling about and as a spare that fits neatly in my drift boat
7 wt. fast action, used when the winds are really gusting, which is just about every day out here, at least for a few hours and for winter fishing when I prefer a full sink line that goes down fast. Also favoured rod for SM bass & bass bugging
9 wt. fast action, one is a 9 footer that I use for pike mostly, the other is 10 footer that I use mostly for stripers and steelies & salmon
Lines: match the fly & fishing conditions/presentation desired. I use all types that I can get.
Prefered line for trout is a dry line for small dries, mini sink tip (Teeny line) for small streamers & nymphs, full sink (type 2 to 6) for deeper presentations and matching the river flow.
Preferrred for pike is a 10 & 15 foot sink tip, type 2 and a dry line for surface presentation
Preferred for bass is is a dry line, bass bugs etc. seldom use a sinker on bass
Steelies & salmon & stripers: whatever other "experts" tells me to use!
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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