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Re: What about 'criuisers'?

Adrian, Most of the cruising carp that I see are a foot or more below the surface and don't seem to be eating, although I have seen them sitting motionless near the surface a few times. When I was at the Housy I did see carp feeding on top. First time I've witnessed that. They weren't really cruising, just moving slowly along sucking on the floating weeds. SLURP! It didn't look like they were eating the weeds themselves, more like they were going after aquatic insects in the weeds or some type of food that was floating among the weeds, maybe cottonwood seeds? I tried a foam bug but they ignored it.

I'll try the floating deer hair ball (it'd be great if I could get them to hit on top!), some berry patterns, nymphs, etc., along with the trusty woolly bugger, and I'll work on making a stealthier presentation to see if I can figure these things out. If I find the magic fly I'll be sure to add it to the archives!

Mark, think a 7wt is suitable for carp (and bass and pike)? I was planning to get a 7wt to fill the gap between the 9wt and 5/6wt, but maybe an 8 would be a better choice?
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