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Originally posted by John Desjardins
Q at least your finding them. I checked out a section of a river I thought would be prime for them the other night and found none. It was a good spot for bass so not all was lost. :hehe:

How about trying a nymph for them?
John, I think that's part of my problem. The fish seem to be more scattered and/or hanging in deeper water so I'm not seeing as many as I was a month ago. Also, I'm pretty sure that the fish I find in "the usual spots" are the same fish that I've casted at (and spooked) several times over the past couple of weeks. Maybe I'll try some nymph patterns to see if a different look will fool them.

Mark, does the 6wt have plenty of backing? If so, I say go for it! Of course, you may not want to cast it at the 25 pounders!

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