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We fished the last 3 days of the trip, some beautiful creeks (not rivers for sure) and trout ponds. If you like small spring creek and pond trout fishing the Black Hills has it and many other things to see and do especially out door activiities. I would not go there though just for the trout fishing, better places to go like Yellowstone.

Definitely would recommend to any outdoor oriented family as a destination for western style out door activities and also wanted to do some trout fishing. This area has everything but white water rafting/canoeing. Everything else though, hiking in wilderness areas, wild life watching, rock climbing, mountain biking, horse back riding, historical sites, sioux indian reservations, old west mining towns, (Lead, Deadwood, Custer, Spear Fish, Hill City, Hot Springs, Keystone ) national & state parks (Custer, Black Elk & Norbeck Wilderness, Black Hills, Bad Lands, Buffalo National Grass lands, Wind & Jewel Cave National Parks) and of course Mt Rushmore. I think I forgot a couple there but there is a lot to see in the 100 mile area from Custer State Park which is where we were located. Where the buffalo roam !

Oh yes not many fisherman, mostly families sightseeing . Seemed to be more into hiking the many trails through various parks. When I get my pictures developed this week will post up a few.

We hiked to top of the two highest peaks in the area Harney and Little Devil's Pyramid Peaks in the Black Elk Wilderness. My legs are still recovering from those and I thought I was in shape.
There is a difference from flat land shape to mountain hiking shape for sure. 7,000 ft up also made a difference.

Whats amazing when you drive through the U.S. is the amount of open land we still have virtually untouched in many areas.

God bless america !

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