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Agree, I gave up those terminal fisherey pools years ago, rather go fishless down stream then have to put up with the crowds and all that goes along with it. Although this past June I took a friday off for summer runs and hit the dam runs and pools on one of the good steelhead rivers. Got to the parking lot at mid day and not a car to be seen. Walked down to river and not a fisherman to be seen! Had not had that happened on this river in twenty years since the day I fished it on Christmas eve when the temperature was like 20 degrees.

This time it was 90+ degrees. Hit two summer runs on the spey with black bunny leeches in the oxygenated runs below the dam, could not hold them though. Actually had these runs to my self for about 3 hours, hard to beleive on this river.

I am sure this will not happen again for another 20 years on that river.

Anyway I look for some reasonable water to fish and solitude these days.

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