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Thumbs up Way to go!

Too bad the alias is carp "stalker" and not carp "catcher"!

Glad the bugger worked out. It's the only thing that's worked for me so far, but hookups have been few and far between. Seems like some people have good success on berry flies. I'm going to tie some more and give them a few more chances. The guy at the fly shop showed me the flies he uses for carp. Bright colored yarn (pink, green, orange, red) dubbed onto a short shank heavy wire hook and then trimmed to shape. They looked like little pom-poms about 3/8 or 1/2 in in diameter. He said they sink well but don't splash too much when they hit the water. Someone on another board recommended a purple salmon egg fly with a little bit of bright color tied in for visibility.

BTW, What rod were you using? 7wt? My only hookups (so far) have been on the 9wt. Wish I'd hooked that one on the 5wt, but it might have been a short battle since I only have about 50 yds of backing on that reel. I'm going to pick up a decent 7wt so I can use that instead of the 9.

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