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Q- One thing I've noticed that helps is to do what the guys on the Striper Board are discussing with regards to hardtails. Instead of going to the fish, let them come to you.

I know that carp and bonito/albies are very different in their feeding styles, but the concept is still the same. If you can determine which direction the fish (either single or a pod) is moving while feeding, try going upwind and drop a short-line anchor to hold your position. When the are just outside of your comfortable casting range, get the fly out and ahead of them so it's already there to be intercepted. And if they move past the fly without taking, wait for them to continue for a ways before picking it back up for another cast.

This has worked for me a few times at the quarry pond. I haven't hooked one of those twelve pounders yet, but a pair of four pounders were very satisfying. This pond is unique in that there are only a handful of mud flats where the carp come in to grub around, so if they pass me by without a take I know that they'll eventually be back in a reasonable amount of time.

Good luck.
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