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Re: stealth......

Originally posted by dansteelieman
Stealth is the key. Why don't you try keeping your fly in the water and waiting to see if they take a look at it.
I definitely need to work on my stealth. The water has been a little murky lately and I don't usually see the fish until I get pretty close to them. Even when I see the stirred up water and I *know* there's a carp around, I often end up right on top of it before I see it. It still amazes me that a 10# (or bigger) fish can be sitting in a foot of water and you just can not see it until you're right on top of it, even if you know it's there and you're staring right at it. Then, because I'm usually rowing or drifting, I usually blow right at it or right past it, or it swims right at me and goes under the boat and then spooks . I'm thinking about trying a push pole to see if that helps.

I also need to work on my casting skills. It often takes me more than one (or two or three ) casts before I land the fly where it needs to be. If I still haven't spooked the fish or gotten weeds on the fly, and if the fish hasn't decided to swim right at the boat, then the boat usually moves and I pull the fly out of the strike zone.

But every once in a while it actually works . . .

If it was easy it wouldn't be fun! (yes it would )

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