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Angry Stoopid Carp . . .

Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh . . . :eyecrazy:

The carp haven't been cooperating much lately. It's been veeeeery frustrating. For some reason, they always seem to swim right at the boat as soon as I get close to them, and then they get spooked when I try to put the fly in front of them! The wind and the waterskiers don't help much either.

I tried a new place (Housatonic River in Housatonic, MA) in the hopes that my luck would improve there. Saw LOADS of little carp and plenty of bigger fish. Had a couple follows on the woolly bugger, although I sometimes wonder if the fish is really after the fly or just swimming in the same direction. I tried a "berry" fly for the first time and had one take but missed the hookset. I put the fly on the bottom just ahead of a feeding fish and it actually sucked it in. I set the hook but it pulled free and the carp just swam away shaking its head and flexing its lips. It would have been fun if I'd hooked up since I was using the 5/6 wt, which has no drag. The fly was just a little ball of red chenille, about 3/16" dia., on a size 12 short shank hook. I need to make them bigger though, since this one is too hard for me to see.

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