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Question Hi-Tie Technique?

I purchased a bunch of Puglisi EZ Fibre earlier this summer which I mistakenly intended to use for Reel Eel and Clouser-style patterns. Those who have tried tying these patterns with EZ Fibre have probably discovered (as I now have) that the stuff just doesn't work for this application. I now have an impressive aresenal of super hair, so problem solved.

Thing is - I now have a ton of EZ Fibre sitting on my tying desk. I know that this stuff must have some application for tying baitfish patterns but haven't' quite figured it out yet.

Can anyone provide some direction on how to use this material properly? I have heard of Hi-Tie techniques but don't really know what this this when you fold the material back on itself and lash down in the middle?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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