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Larry, First good luck on your recovery,I don't know where you lve, but if you care to fish at all this fall I have room to carry you and your equipment in quest for albie fishing from shore on the southern coast of RI.
I am aware of the deer repellent,I don't think it will work with this deer, I don't even seem to repel it. Yesterday I was watering the garden. I have a small gasoline driven water pump that I pump water from an old well in a blackberry patch. Yesterday I shut the pump off and was carrying the pump over a wall, as I turned around, I caught a patch of brown in the blackberry patch. This six point buck was standing there not 25 feet away. Imagine a 5HP motor roaring for an hour, and a deer within 50 feet of it munching on blackberries. I won't see it when deer season opens in November.
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