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Amazing what a Dollie can do....

Have not actually got out and spent a day fishing in over a month so I took some time yesterday to fish the Stilly. The last few times I have been up there I have gotten caught up in the termainl fishery that is Fortson. Easy to do with how many steelhead are loaded up in there.

Fished for a few hours and realized I was bored. I began thinking about why I even bother steelhead fishing and left. Driving back I saw the exit for C post and a little voice in my head said to give it a try. So I walked upstream and on my first cast hit a 25inch+ Dollie. Yeah it was only a Dollie but still a pretty fish and I needed a fish regardless of what it was.

After that I realized I was killing my love for the sport at Fortson when what I really like about the Stealhead fishing is the explorating part and actually "moving" through a run. All it took was a Dollie to remind me of that and after I hooked that fish I felt refreshed and I cannot wait to go out again. However I will be skipping the terminal fisheries for now on....

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